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If you are thinking about launching a e-store, exploring ways to integrate new features or migrate to another platform, our professional team of software developers, QA engineers, PMs, and designers will be delighted to help you realize your plans. Scaleox is a proud holder of an array of tools designed to facilitate online retailers when it comes to e-commerce services.

Dedicated Teams

Without spending a fortune on employing additional staff and allocating additional infrastructure resources, our Offshore Dedicated Team is a perfect answer to your executive dilemma. As a head of a promising start-up or an aspiring entrepreneur, you'll be proud of the app we create for you here at Scaleox, because we strive to deliver quality solutions at an affordable price.

Mobile app design

At Scaleox, we are convinced that a thoughtfully designed mobile app together with unparalleled user experience grant your business a competitive advantage, as well as contribute to customers' loyalty. We always comply with the strictest guidelines devised by Apple and Google to guarantee our clients an intuitive design of the apps we create.

Big Data and Machine Learning

By exploring the data our clients supply us with, our development team assists businesses from around the globe with creating scalable, analytics-driven solutions. In addition to that, we help our customers visualize huge amounts of data they provide by converting it into sleek dashboards and interactive graphs. Based on this, we compile informative reports to track progress and deliver only the most essential data to the end-user.


Today's overflowing marketplace generously rewards the companies who are constantly capable of introducing new features and product improvements. At Scaleox, we keep up with the latest IT tendencies, and can give you a helping hand with streamlining software delivery and increasing the speed required to market your product efficiently by implementing DevOps tools and Continuous Integration processes.


In today's age where quality is a pivotal factor across the globe; Software Testing and effective Quality Assurance (QA) is an indispensable element for any organization to ensure minimal risk for the end product. Being a CMMI certified Software Development Company, quality assurance is inherent to any project execution at Scaleox. Our dedicated Software Testing & QA Services team works round the clock to help clients across various industries in meeting their goals.

E-commerce Project

Launching an online store may appear a daunting task considering the number of different e-commerce platforms available to choose from. Over 50 businesses have placed their faith in us to build e-store websites for them, and thus we can reassure you, you have found the right team.

Why choose us

We are determined to see your business evolve and prosper, which is why we guarantee unparallelled commitment to the projects we are responsible for. Our team of dedicated professionals is continuously working on introducing innovative features and enhancing workflow to guarantee the best result for each individual project. And most importantly, you will not need to spend a fortune on this. In partnership with Scaleox your business will enjoy:

Highly-committed Team

Not only will our dedicated project managers, software developers and QA engineers lend their professional advice and assist with even the tiniest queries, but they will also readily come to see you at your office should there be a need for their presence.

Flexible budget

At Scaleox we have tremendous respect of our customers business ambitions, and we are ready to cater to clients with modestly budgeted websites as well as build custom-made solutions for more unique business needs. With the former, our team can create a WordPress site by applying a template, and the latter one will supply your website with customized features worthy of every extra penny you invest in it.

Excellent Performance

To ensure you do not waste your budget on reworking defects after the software development cycle (SDLC) has already started, we will carry out requirements specification, prototyping and user testing at the initial stage of the development. What is more, we perform Design Prints to reduce the risk of possible shortcomings, and create a product roadmap before the development process takes place.

Our History

  • 2015
    Create company in Kyiv
  • 2016
    Have 50 ready projects
  • 2018
    Grow to 100 specialists
  • 2019
    100 projects and 200+ specialists
  • 2020

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