About Us


Scaleox is an IT consulting company whose story started back in 2015. Ever since then, we have been executing complex IT engineering tasks for businesses worldwide, honing our professional skills and optimizing the services our customers enjoy so much.

At the beginning we were mostly concentrating on E-commerce consulting and solutions. However, now we are continuously looking for ways to grow professionally and deliver superb products and services to our clients.

Now Scaleox is happy to offer an array of top-notch IT engineering services at an affordable price delivered to you by a team of the industry's best people.

Let your business grow with us.

How we work

Analysing clients' needs
Our professional designers, Project Managers, software developers, and Quality Assurance engineers will immerse themselves into your project to ensure best delivery.
Generating a prototype
At Scaleox we can help you visualize what your business needs most by creating a prototype, which would echo your most sophisticated requirements
By running development iterations and performing demos, Scaleox professionals will be able to collect detailed feedback to facilitate the development process.
Dealing with bugs
Our Team will guarantee a prompt and efficient approach to eliminating all potential faults and shortcomings.
Going into production
Our dedicated team of professional designers, software developers, PMs, and QA engineers will be there to ensure everything runs seamlessly at this key stage of the development process.
Technical Support
Put your faith in us when it comes to your website maintenance after it has been launched. It is our job to guarantee everything runs perfectly.

Why choose us

We are determined to see your business evolve and prosper, which is why we guarantee unparallelled commitment to the projects we are responsible for. Our team of dedicated professionals is continuously working on introducing innovative features and enhancing workflow to guarantee the best result for each individual project. And most importantly, you will not need to spend a fortune on this. In partnership with Scaleox your business will enjoy:

Highly-committed Team

Not only will our dedicated project managers, software developers and QA engineers lend their professional advice and assist with even the tiniest queries, but they will also readily come to see you at your office should there be a need for their presence.

Flexible budget

At Scaleox we have tremendous respect of our customers business ambitions, and we are ready to cater to clients with modestly budgeted websites as well as build custom-made solutions for more unique business needs. With the former, our team can create a WordPress site by applying a template, and the latter one will supply your website with customized features worthy of every extra penny you invest in it.

Excellent Performance

To ensure you do not waste your budget on reworking defects after the software development cycle (SDLC) has already started, we will carry out requirements specification, prototyping and user testing at the initial stage of the development. What is more, we perform Design Prints to reduce the risk of possible shortcomings, and create a product roadmap before the development process takes place.

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